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Gowen Gardens

“Sidewalk” Garden: Virginia roses, peonies, chokeberry, spring bulbs, mountain laurel, switchgrass, aster, wild ginger, inkberry, and common milkweed.

“Meadow” garden with coneflower, Joe-Pye weed, Culiver’s root, NY iron weed, baptisa, snakeroot, tall tickseed, threadleaf tickseed, bee balm, turtlehead, phlox, and goldenrod.  

 “Shrub Forest,” with spicebush, sweet shrub, various ferns, flowering quince, hazelnut, pawpaw, hibiscus, mountain mint, phlox, turtlehead, oakleaf hydrangea, trumpet honeysuckle, coneflowers and goldenrods.

“Understory” garden (formerly the “Poison Ivy Forest”), with Japanese maple, spicebush, strawberry bush, oakleaf hydrangea, passion flower, elderberry, ferns, mayapple, and Solomon's seal.